Be Miserable Even in the Face of Good Fortune

cloud1.gifSometimes life throws us a curve ball and everything just goes right. Maybe you win the lottery or just the lottery of life and end up with a good job, excellent health and a great social life. Don't despair, misey can still be yours!

All you need to do is to ignore the good things that you have and instead focus solely on the things thatyour life lacks. You may have a great wife/husband, but are they as pretty/handsome as the guy/girl on the front cover of mens health/cosmo? Try and find faults with them and don't keep it to yourself, let them know how dissapointed you are and tell all your friends too.

You might end up with somewhere nice to live, but it sure ain't perfect! Does the decor need work? Maybe your interior designer has let you down - isn't thattypical!

You might end up with everything you ever wanted, but don't be disheartened, if all else fails you can always play your trump card and be dis-satisfied with EVERYTHING. I mean, let's face it, nothing is ever really good enough for YOU because you are just so special.

If you crack a smile, stamp on it and pick faults with something.