Get the government to help...

Misery shouldn't be just for the priveleged few, lets open it up to everybody and get the government to help out. Here are some simple things governments could do to help us all get more melancholy.

Sell off green spaces to housing developers, the fewer green open spaces that people have access to the better as they have been shown to lighten peoples moods.

Stop funding public transport where people might have a bit of social interaction and encourage people to travel on their own in cars. You could ban cycle paths too and tax bicycles really heavily, we don't want anybody getting any exercise!

Tax the poor heavily and the rich lightly - any measures that can increase the gap between rich and poor have been proven to reduce happiness considerably.

Tax breaks for fast food establishments, maybe you could sell off bits of the park to McDonalds

You see, with a little imagination, the government could plan for much more misery than we currently have. The present government however doesn't think that their actions have any bearing on individuals happiness/misery and feel that it is entirely up to us to get miserable under our own steam. Maybe we should vote 'em out and start a "Miserable Party"!