Buy a new car

You've seen the ads, huge 4x4 tears up the majextic mountains, speeds you through virgin rainforest and the kids get to school on time. Looks like the last thing that you'd want to buy if you wanted to be miserable...

Meanwhile, back on the planet earth you are not halfway down the Grand Canyon, but stuck in traffic on a drizzly morning in Heckmondwike. The monthly payments are crippling and the car's value has plummeted in the 20 minutes since you drove it off the forecourt. Perfect, you can now be truly and justifiably miserable.

But there's more, other road users see your flashy new car and loathe and despise you, they take pleasure in cutting you up and not letting you in. Your running to fat because you are sitting still and breathing in the guy in fronts gas emissions instead of walking or cycling. But looking on the bright side, if you really must, unless you are Brian Harvey, you probably haven't actually managed to run yourself over.